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A Distribution Service is a means to transport video programming by from usually an original source or owner (such as an Content providers, TV Channels, Movie Studios) to a TV uplink Center or Headend used by DTH, Cable, Fibre,DTT etc. or to a TV Station, used by its studios. TFmediacast can deliver your content to and fro every corner of the world. Our broadcast distribution services seamlessly connect the broadcaster to the viewer. TFmediacast can provide distribution links for original, fully contributed and post produced content of entertainment, news and sports, allowing broadcasters to expand their markets and reach new audiences.

Primary TV Distribution

When you are looking for TV Channel Distribution services, TFmediacast is here to offer the most comprehensive, cost effective and suitable solutions for every customer and their specific needs. TFmediacast is an emerging leader in quality TV distribution as we deliver content to and from every corner of the world. Our wide Satellite coverage and innovative technologies allow our clients to distribute their content easily to TV Stations,direct to home (DTH) uplinks, Cable, DTT Headends and IPTV platforms in every corner of the world. TFmediacast operates our own MCPC (Multiple Channel Per Carrier) digital satellite distribution platform delivering satellite TV distribution at the highest level, providing broadcasters with end-to-end solutions, and drastically reducing their channel distribution costs. This will be continuously expanded to ensure that we can provide capacity on every continent around the world. Our platforms are low latency, secured, affordable, support conditional access (CA) and transmission delay applications. TFmediacast offers Satellite TV Distribution services as it provides access to MCPC (Multi Channel Per Carrier) and DTH broadcast platforms around the world. International Linear Content providers can leverage on this platform to reach dozens of Broadcasters and TV stations in an efficient, secure and affordable manner.

Our platform provides:

The TFMediacast Benefits

Whether you are DTT Multiplex, A television Channel, DTH platform, PayTV provider, Content provider, Mobile TV and IPTV provider, there is a compelling need for including TFmediacast as part of your broadcast Distribution solution.

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