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A Contribution Link or Service is a means to transport video programming by from a remote source (such as an Outside Broadcast Van) to a broadcaster’s studio or from the the Studio to a TV uplink Center or Headend (for onward distribution by DTH, Cable, Fibre etc). Such contribution links are often made by Terrestrial connections (landline, fibre etc) but the use of a satellite ‘’hop’’ provides advantages in some situations. TFmediacast provides contribution links for the occasional or fixed use of our client broadcasters. Our contribution services ensures signals reach a particular uplink station or a multiplexing platform for point to point or point to multipoint digital transmissions.

Hybrid Networks- Satellite and Fibre, Best of Both Worlds

Fibre Optics links are becoming ubiquitous, and available in most urban areas. Fibre bandwidth is cheaper on the recurrent satellite bandwidth and offers greater capacity and lower latency. However In remote locations, using terrestrial links such as fibre is prohibitively expensive whereas satellites can cheaply and easily overcome the “first-mile” connectivity gaps in rural and other remote areas. A comparable Fibre Service would have to use extremely diverse routing to achieve the same availability.
A single satellite link can span a huge distance that would take a terrestrial link through many countries and commercial operators. The satellite link provides a single point of accountability whereas establishing a link and resolving service interruptions with fibre can prove difficult, especially across national borders and with multiple carriers.
With Satellites, Monitoring of the signal allows for fast and effective changes before problems affect the service. Eg uplink power may be automatically increased during adverse weather conditions. With Fibre, Global interconnects, and peering can be achieved at “Meet me” points, providing greater scale especially for Internet and IPTV content.
TFmediacast provides occasional and fixed contribution of live and recorded TV and radio signals through our uplink facilities from any location across Africa using either Satellite, or Fibre links.

Our platform provides:

Contribution Services

TFmediacast provides satellite contribution links for the occasional or fixed use of our client broadcasters. TFmediacast’s satellite resources, and technical innovations allow us to deliver your channels to any Pay TV, Mobile TV and IPTV operator, Teleport or Satellite around the world. TFmediacast delivers highly innovative and cost effective solutions tailor-made for your specific contribution needs.

Fixed Contribution

Occasional Use Contribution

TFmediacast is a leading provider of Occasional Use services for News, Sports & special events in SD and HD having developed our ground breaking, innovative solutions. We deliver your content to every corner of the world, at any time needed.

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