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Inspired by the Gospel

The Church TV Channel is a Channel for Gospel Programs, featuring sermons, music, Documentary, Commentaries, movies and Godly life styles to inspire Millions of Viewers. The Church TV is a channel on TFmediacast Free-to-air (FTA) and Our TV Direct-to-Home (DTH) Satellite TV Platform on the Nigeria Communication Satellite at its 42.5° East neighborhood (NigComSat 1R 42.5 East). The DTH Digital Satellite TV Platform has over 40 national and international channels to entertain and inform Millions of Viewers. The focus of The Church TV is on Godly Programs and it is being managed by TFmediacast, a division of Trefoil Network. Trefoil Networks is a leading provider of innovative broadcasting and telecoms services, incorporated in Nigeria and the UK and licensed by the Nigeria Communication Commission and National Broadcasting Commission.

The DTH Satellite TV Platform for the Church TV

With The Church TV on the latest DTH Satellite TV Platform (TF Satellite@42.5), Churches/Gospel Media Houses can choose a schedule period on the Channel to broadcast recorded or live programs to millions of viewers with the aim of inspiring viewers with Gospel Contents. The DTH Satellite TV Platform has The Church TV as a Channel along with Multiple National and International Channels to AIR unique contents to millions of viewers in Nigeria and other countries in West, Central & South Africa. These channels are available to homes on a Free-To-Air (FTA) basis, so the viewers can watch your programs without requiring monthly subscription or charges.

How programs are aired on TCTV?

All programs from Churches and Gospel Media Houses will be scheduled based on subscribed slots on The Church TV through our Play-out System. The contents are aired by the DTH Satellite TV Platform for viewers to watch through a Small Dish and a Set-Top Box (Decoder) directly from the Satellite.

Easier Route to a Digital Platform

Viewers can access this platform using a single 60-90cm antenna and set-up box rather than sourcing content through multiple satellites at multiple orbital positions. The new platform also taps into the installed base of antennas already equipped for reception from the popular video neighborhood’s, with compelling and quality content.